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June 2012   

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Re-Mineralize and Strengthen your Tooth Enamel

Like your nails, enamel is dead. However, like your nails, which can grow much quicker with lots of sunshine (Vitamin D) and good diet, tooth enamel can be made to re-mineralize and strengthen through good diet and oral hygiene.

Your tooth enamel is in a constant state of flux between- demineralizing and remineralizing. Although this process is microscopic on a daily level, a poor diet combined with poor dental hygiene can quite rapidly cause your enamel to weaken over months and eventually to cause decay with certainty over years.

Acidic foods and acid from bacteria slowly dissolve some of the minerals out of your enamel everyday. But those minerals are quickly replaced by minerals and enzymes in your saliva. When the acids begin to dissolve mineral more quickly than your saliva can replace it you get a cavity.

Most toothpaste contains glycerin. Many non fluoride toothpastes use glycerin as a common filler. The glycerine is sticky and coats the tooth with a thin film which makes it more difficult for the tooth to re-mineralize, since the re-mineralization process occurs through the saliva. Coat the enamel with a sticky residue of paste, and they won't remineralize. Nearly all commercial toothpastes contain glycerin.

Probably the worst offenders are soda and candy. You will need to eliminate all soda's from your diet. If you really have to drink soda, try drinking it all quickly, and rinse your mouth with water afterwards. Sipping and taking regular small slugs is the worst.

How to re-mineralize teeth enamel?

First you need to ensure the teeth are clean on the surface. The saliva coats the teeth and adds minerals from the trace minerals in your saliva. Avoid anything that leads to a dry mouth - smoking, alcohol etc. or if it reduces the amount of saliva, it won't help. You want to encourage your salivary glands, and keep your teeth very clean.

Using a high calcium and anti-bacterial agents to promote remineralization and reduce dental bacteria like Dr. Christopher's Herbal Tooth and gum powder or Western Botanical's  Herbal tooth powder  with a drop of tea tree essential oil and you won't believe how clean and good that feels!

Now that you have clean teeth, the important thing is to get the saliva to release the minerals back into the enamel. First you have to add the minerals back into your diet.

Another thing to consider is to make sure that your have adequate supplies of Vitamin D. The crucial effect of vitamin D on bone is to provide the proper balance of calcium and phosphorus to support mineralization, which is exactly what we are trying to achieve.

Good dietary sources of Vitamin D are fish oil , krill oil and egg yolks, and you can always use a supplement.

Make your own stocks from chicken, marrow, fish bones etc. the traditional way and freeze the contents so that you can have a daily broth full of calcium and gelatin that can be easily absorbed by the body for bone growth. Marrow bone, and fish stock using the heads of the fish are particularly good.

Sea Salt contains many trace minerals that are vital to bone growth. Many people have tried to cut down on their salt intake from processed foods by simply not using salt at home. This is well meaning but a big mistake. You need a little sea salt, and no processed foods.

Eat fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kombucha, natto, pickled vegetables, and other foods that contain high levels of natural probiotics.

Eat foods high in Vitamin K2 such as marrow, natto, high vitamin butter, egg yolks, hard cheese, chicken liver pate and salami cured naturally.

Finally, make sure you Vitamin C levels are high to promote strong gum health.

Remember, the mineralization - demineralization process is a constant one. By taking a few steps to ensure that you are mineralizing more than you are de-mineralzing, you can keep your enamel strong and healthy, and never suffer from cavities.
This recipe is kid-approved, and since it has no fluoride, its safe on babies, toddlers, and those with thyroid problems.

Homemade Remineralizing Toothpaste Ingredients:

  • 5 teaspoons Calcium powder I used powdered Calcium Carbonate

  • 2 teaspoons Baking Soda

  • 3 teaspoons xylitol -Xylitol is supposed to have beneficial properties for the teeth. This ingredient is not completely necessary, but just keeps it from tasting bitter.

  • 1 teaspoon liquid castille soap

  • 3-5 teaspoons coconut oil to get desired texture

  • Optional ingredients: Essential oils for flavor (peppermint, X-Plague - this may be to hot for some- be careful - and orange are all good), Grapefruit Seed Extract, Myrrh 

Store in small container like 1/2 pint glass jar. To use, either dip clean toothbrush into it, or use Popsicle stick or spoon to put on toothbrush. I’ve also thought of storing in a plastic bag with a corner cut off to be able to squeeze like toothpaste.

Applying a black walnut hull tincture to teeth can strengthen and restore tooth enamel. Users may also apply the tincture to the gums to treat sores or to ease the pain associated with cutting wisdom teeth. In India, toothpaste often includes black walnut due to its medicinal properties, with the tree's bark chewed to relieve toothaches.

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A Strong Link between Dental X-ray frequency and a type of Brain Tumor called Meningioma
If the dentist asks you to open wide and say "Aahhh," you just might want to say "No" instead, especially if the next step involves getting X-rays. A new study has found that there's a strong link between dental x-ray frequency and a type of brain tumor called meningioma. The finding makes the annual obligatory set of dental x-rays seem excessive indeed.

Meningioma tumors are benign, but they can trigger not-so-benign conditions including vision and hearing loss, memory loss, headaches, and seizures. A lot of the mischief they cause comes from the fact that they can grow to be the size of baseballs, exerting inordinate pressure inside the skull. The incidence of meningioma tumors is 7.8 per 100,000 annually. Ionizing radiation triggers the growth of these tumors, and dental X-rays are the most prevalent artificial source of such radiation. We also get exposed daily to naturally occurring ionizing radiation in the atmosphere and in high altitude airplane flights -- that's where over 80 percent of our exposure comes from -- but that ubiquitous exposure isn't directed in a focused beam right at our heads.

The study, just reported in the journal Cancer, involved 1,400 meningioma patients between the ages of 20 and 79 and 1350 control subjects who were clear of the condition.The researchers found that the risk of developing a meningioma tumor was double for those who had a bitewing X-ray "anytime" in their life. In case you've forgotten (or if you've never had bitewings), they're the type of X-ray where the dentist shoves a piece of hard cardboard into one side of your mouth and asks you to bite down while shooting film of your jaw. In the study, those who had bitewings every year as part of their dental exams had up to a 90 percent greater risk of developing the tumors.
Even worse than the bitewings for triggering tumors were a type of X-ray called panorex, which films your entire head to get pictures of all your bottom and top teeth. Panorex X-rays involve sitting in a chair while the camera circles round your head, shooting plenty of film.

Dentists love the panorex. It gives them so much information at once, plus, they can charge you plenty for it. Much like a panoramic picture, the panorex X-ray provides a full view of the scenery -- in this case, your entire oral cavity!
Essential oils are little miracle workers for both our body and mind. Their scents help to calm, relax and uplift and when applied to our skin they deliver intense healing and protective properties.
                          oils for health
Essential oils as Anti-Aging Agents
Essential oils work cosmetically and as anti-aging agents in several ways. They stimulate skin cells into reproducing at a quicker rate, thus reducing the time lag between new skin growth and the elimination of old cells. Skin that has been treated with essential oils thus becomes more dynamic and stronger.
Before listing the essential oils, I think it is important to stress the fact that while treating yourself with these oils, it will obviously speed things along if you don't overload the system with more toxins that the skin has to work harder to eliminate. Cut out alcohol, coffee, tea, sweets (this will be the toughest one for women), red meats or at least cut back on them and all the things that you know will clog up your skin cells as well as your digestive system. If you can cut years from your appearance and how your body feels, wouldn't it be a worthwhile sacrifice?
Anti-aging essential oils to combat wrinkles
Violet leaf
You can use any of these oils on their own or make combinations of two or more to suit your needs. I use olive oil mixed with castor oil - then add a few drops of my favorite essential oil to the mix and spread on my skin, it is absorbed very quickly. Use the oils in a bath, as a face oil, or body rub. Because everyone's skin doesn't regenerate at the same rate, allow at least thirty days before expecting to see outward signs of improvement.
Essential Oil Blend for Hair Growth Recipe

Please note there is no guarantee this oil will stimulate hair growth in every individual. However, researchers from the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary in Scotland published a study of 86 individuals who used this oil for seven months and reported 44% of people in the treatment group had new hair growth compared to only 15% in the control group.


3 drops cedarwood essential oil
3 drops lavender essential oil
3 drops lemon essential oil
3 drops rosemary essential oil
3 drops thyme essential oil
1/8 cup grapeseed oil
1/8 cup jojoba oil

Apply several drops of the mixture to areas of hair loss each night, massaging gently into the scalp for 3-5 minutes. Store oil tightly covered and keep away from heat and light.

Flesh-Eating Bacteria

Flesh-eating bacteria, known scientifically as necrotizing fasciitis, occurs when certain types of bacteria penetrate the skin and then invade the blood system, eventually eating away at muscle and fat tissue.

People who have weakened immune systems, such as the elderly, people with diabetes and people taking immune-suppressing drugs are more at risk for the condition. Sports teams or people who congregate in close vicinity could also be at higher risk, said Dr. Kenneth Bromberg, director of the Vaccine Research Center at The Brooklyn Hospital Center in New York City.

Most of the time, an infection will begin and abort very quickly as the body's immune system is sufficient to terminate it before it progresses to a stage where a limb or an arm becomes severely swollen and undergoes necrosis.

Any infection, however minor, which progresses and becomes red and swollen, especially if it's accompanied by diarrhea and vomiting, should be brought to a doctor's attention.

Some possibilities you could consider:

Garlic:  essential oil is considered to have very strong anti bacterial effects. Garlic contains ‘allicin’ which is a broad spectrum, anti microbial agent. However garlic should be avoided in individuals taking anti coagulants, especially for the management of cardiac ailments as garlic can further hinder blood clotting abilities.

Raw Honey: Honey has been used for over two centuries for the management of bacterial infections. Internal consumption of raw honey with turmeric powder is considered to have strong anti microbial effects. Local application of honey is also considered beneficial. Diabetic patients however should avoid internal consumption of honey, primarily as it can increase the blood sugar levels by over 30%.

Essential Oils: Essential oils have strong therapeutic properties, with almost all essential oils having anti bacterial and anti microbial properties. Manuka oil is considered to have the strongest anti bacterial effects. Added to a carrier oil such as olive or castor oil, then rubbed topically is a good way to fight the bacterial infection.

You could try Bentonite healing clay. Mix clay and water then apply to infected area. It will absorb the bacteria.

West Nile Virus
It's that time of year again . . . mosquito time! Prevention is always best.

Usually people with a low immune body system are the ones who are vulnerable to this disease. Prevention is better than cure.  Build your immune system.

West Nile virus causes an infection that can lead to inflammation of the brain (encephalitis), the spinal cord (myelitis), or the tissues surrounding the brain and the spinal cord (meningitis). If you have a fever and headache that continue for more than 2 or 3 days during West Nile virus season, or if you have any of the more severe symptoms of West Nile encephalitis, call your doctor immediately.

Avoid aspirin because it presents a risk for a fatal condition known as Reye syndrome, especially in children.

A number of essential oils also act as natural insect repellents. These oils include Citronella, Catnip, Cypress, Lavender, Lemongrass and Eucalyptus. Pest Away essential oil blend with catnip.  Don't Leave Home without it!

Vitamin B1 is thought to produce a skin odor unappealing to female mosquitoes.

A paste made out of 1 part baking soda to 3 parts water is a home remedy that offers much relief from the itching caused by mosquito bites.  This paste, when applied several times a day, dries mosquitoes bites quickly and keeps you from experiencing the intense itching and burning associated with mosquito bites.

Do not keep open containers of water near your house. Standing water is a breeding place for mosquitoes.
Plant marigolds, catnip and rosemary in your garden and around your house. These plants all emit odors that are unpleasant to mosquitoes and will keep them away.

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Don't forget prayer and listen to your body as you take anything.  Remember that even doctors are only practicing.

God Bless each of you in your quest for health.


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