Garden Essence Oils 
Garden Essence Oils
June 2017
Side-effects of these natural remedies may include relaxation, improved quality of life, frequent smiling, laughing, increased vitality, and a pleasant aroma.

Essential Oils are naturally antiviral, anti-fungal, and antibacterial,
they naturally energize, deodorize, clean and refresh.
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Garden Essence Oils   9 Ways to use Essential Oil in the Garden Article found Here>>>

Intensified Reactions from a Simple Bump
As we age our skin is getting thinner and more susceptible to intensified reactions from simple bumps. Thin skin and slow healing can be a common occurrence for our aging loved ones because of poor circulation and reduced cell division in the dermal layer. 
Anyone can have thin skin or even circulation issues for various reasons.  Thin skin can be a genetic trait or caused by too much sun exposure; ultraviolet rays can damage collagen in the skin layer.  The good news is, a topical application of key essential oils can help with poor circulation and even speed up healing process. 
Geranium essential oil is considered a vulnerary which means it speeds up the healing process of wounds, cuts and incisions.  It's also hemostatic (speeds coagulation), coagulation helps prevent infection by blocking toxins from entering a wound and getting into the bloodstream, a potentially critical situation when caring for the elderly with weakened immunity.  Geranium is also a circulatory essential oil and it exits the body during perspiration. I think this is a really nice benefit to consider, especially in hospice situations when someone is bedridden.  Geranium is also anti-microbial and encourages regeneration of new cells! 
Rosemary essential oil has the ability to relieve pain, treating headaches, muscle pains, rheumatism and even arthritis. Massaging the affected area that's painful with rosemary can  quickly relieve the pain. Steamy baths with rosemary oil are also found to be effective for rheumatism. This essential oil has certain anti-inflammatory qualities too, that make it good for relieving the pain from sprains and joint aches. Rosemary is known to stimulate blood circulation, which can relieve pain and also aid in coagulation of wounds for faster healing and get this!  By inhaling Rosemary, it can increase the strength of the immune system and help fight all of the diseases associated with free radicals, including cancer and heart disease.
Make your own Circulation Rub
Topical application 2x daily. Massage lightly into skin  with a little more vigor to get the circulation going if no wound is present. Always massage in a circular motion towards the heart.

Oil Pulling Using Essential oils
What is Oil Pulling?
Coconut oil pulling is one of the best ways to remove bacteria and promote healthy teeth and gums!
It has taken quite some time, but oil pulling has finally gained some popularity in the United States.
Oil pulling is a fantastic oral detoxification procedure that is simply done by swishing a tablespoon of oil (typically coconut oil, olive or sesame oil) in your mouth for 10-20 minutes.
Oil pulling works by cleaning (detoxifying) the oral cavity in a similar way that soap cleans dirty dishes. It literally sucks the dirt (toxins) out of your mouth and creates a clean, antiseptic oral environment that contributes to the proper flow of dental liquid that is needed to prevent cavities and disease.

One step wellness can happen by combining oil pulling with essential oils.
Whether you're seeking prevention, fighting an infection or want whiter teeth - oil pulling is a good delivery system. One step wellness can happen by combining oil pulling with essential oils. This particular delivery system (oil pulling) has markedly more benefits than swallowing a capsule of essential oils, I don't believe the stomach is made to handle essential oils:
  • Less is more - only 1 to 2 drops of essential oil combined with a generous teaspoon of high quality, unrefined coconut oil or fractionated coconut oil.
  • Essential oils are immediately absorbed into the bloodstream where they can be utilized as needed
  • Oil pulling is believed to help in the excretion of toxic heavy metals by saliva
  • Daily Oil Pulling paired with therapeutic essential oils can prevent or fight illness and disease, tooth decay, mouth ulcers, gum recession and, whiten teeth.
  • Oil pulling helps prevent gingivitis and periodontitis, helps ease tooth pain, fastens teeth and achieves vigorous oral hygiene
  • The added benefit of proven synchronicity between essential oils and virgin coconut oil, that one enhances the other...
  • Lauric acid (also found in mothers milk), which is present in heavy concentrations in coconut oil, forms monolaurin in the animal body and this derivative of lauric acid can inhibit the growth of many pathogenic microorganisms. The effects of coconut oil and oregano essential oil when used in combination were better than the most potent antibiotic and this research showed that these safe antimicrobial agents could be useful for prevention and therapy of Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and numerous other infections.
Try these recipes when Oil Pulling with Essential Oils
Cold And Flu Protection
Generally, my daily pull includes oil pulling blend of:

I feel this blend covers all the bases when it comes to protecting myself from nasty cold and flu viruses going around but it's also a great defensive blend when a bug does take hold! I used to make Cold & Flu Bombs by filling capsules with the X Plague Blend but oil pulling has proven to be just as effective in many cases, it's also improving my oral health and whitening my teeth.

Suffering with Chronic Pain and Inflammation
This is how I like to do coconut oil pulling:

Make sure to oil pull first thing in the morning right after you get out of bed before you brush your teeth or drink anything.
Gently swish 1 – 2 tablespoons of coconut oil in your mouth and between your teeth for 10-20 minutes making sure that you don’t swallow any of the oil. (Do this gently so you don’t wear out your jaw and cheeks!)
Spit out the oil in the trash (not the sink so it doesn’t clog up the plumbing…ask me how I know) and immediately rinse your mouth out with warm water (use salt water for added antimicrobial properties).
Finally, brush your teeth as normal.
Voila, easy as that!
I recommend oil pulling 3-4x per week with coconut oil and also adding essential oils to your mixture.

Care Giving Essential Oil Blends
One of the biggest challenges I see in caregiving is trying to make someone comfortable who may be in pain, either physical or emotional - or both.
 Using essential oils to heal, soothe, uplift moods and alleviate pain. These oils can also be used to help soothe and heal your own stresses and ailments.
Therapeutic grade essential oils may take away pain in seconds, topically or sometimes just through scent—due to their complex chemistry. They naturally help one relax. They enhance the immune system, improve mental clarity (especially in cases of Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease), aid in normal cell regeneration (cuts, bruises and burns) and cleanse the air.
Oils may be inhaled, applied to the skin, or placed in food or tea depending on the type of oil and its level of concentration.
 We would like to extend our well wishes and Thanks to all those that take care of our loved ones.
Appetite Stimulant
For a loss of appetite, or loss of interest in food. To use:
Spray on bibs
Alert Memory
Short term memory loss - promotes alertness
Restore Peace Blend
Good for:
behavior including yelling, cursing, kicking, attempts to leave,
repetitive motion, wandering/sundowning, crying.

Studies have also shown that sensory stimulation for people with Alzheimer’s can decrease agitation, improve sleep and improve the overall quality of life for those living with the disease.
Insomnia & Pain , also used for those who suffer with anxiety - it has shown to decreased falls by 80%
Inhale from wash cloth or tissue
Caregiver's Relief blend  (they are under great stress)
You need to pamper yourself and take care of yourself too! As you continue to take care of those other folks in your life.
You are the ones with the loving touch, the simple smile and more, that make our loved ones know they are being cared for when we can’t be there. This blend was formulated
for you, so you will not experience ‘burnout’ .

Making Essential Oils More Affordable One Week At A Time
50% Off Retail on the Featured
Essential Oil of the Week! 

Sale Starts on Monday!
Check in every Monday to see the New Essential Oil of the Week!
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carrot seedCarrot Seed Essential Oil
Carrot seed is fantastic for skin care (revitalizing and toning) and considered one of the best Essential Oils for Mature Skin. Carrot seed oil also assists in removing toxin and water build up in the skin giving it a fresher more firmer appearance. Carrot seed oil has a detoxifying effect on the liver and cleans the digestive system and the body as a whole. It is helpful for arthritis, gout, edema, rheumatism and the accumulation of toxins in muscles and joints.
Our 50% Off Retail Starts Monday June 12th on

lavender essential oil by garden
                                  essence oils  Lavender Essential Oil
The health benefits of lavender essential oil include its ability to eliminate nervous tension, relieve pain, disinfect the scalp and skin, enhance blood circulation and treat respiratory problems.
Our 50% Off Retail Starts Monday June 19th
   dill essential oil by garden
                                      essence oils  Dill Essential Oil
Dill essential oil has shown the ability to repel bugs, may help reduce menstrual cramps, may actually work as a natural remedy for depression, provides amazing cholesterol-lowering benefits. May have various antimicrobial effects. In research, the essential oil of dill has been shown to be effective against several bacteria strains, completely inhibiting their growth as well as being toxic to five other bacteria, including Staphylococcus aureus. Research showed that the antioxidant activity of dill is comparable to ascorbic acid, alpha-tocopherol and quercetin. Thus, dill exhibits anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that fight free radical damage. 
Our 50% Off Retail Starts Monday June 26nd
 citronella essential oil by
                                  garden essence oils  Citronella Essential Oil
All-Natural Insect Repellent. Citronella has been registered as a gentle, plant-based insect repellent in the United States since 1948. ...Anti-Inflammatory and Pain Reducer.  Relaxant and Stress Reducer. Digestive Aid. ...Detoxification Enhancer. ...Natural Perfume or Room Spray. ...Muscle Relaxant.
Our 50% Off Retail Starts Monday July  3rd
    fennel essential oil by garden
                              essence oils Fennel Essential Oil Blend
Effective for you & pets. and also helps with the insect bites. Heals Wounds. ...Reduces and Prevents Spasms in the Gut. ...Contains Antioxidants and Antimicrobial Characteristics. ...Relieves Gas and Constipation. ...Treats Digestive Issues. ...Aids in Weight Loss.

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