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1 oz. Liquid extracts - low alcohol - Other sizes available
Carqueja - Brazil - Enhances digestion: Fortifies blood; Tonifies liver and gallbladder; Aids illeocecal valve functions. - Traditional Use - Effective in the treatment of stomach and intestinal dysfunction.  Builds the blood to avoid anemia.  Purges obstructions of liver and gallbladder.  Maintains healthy functioning of the illeocecal valve.  Promotes the correction of digestive disorders.
Catuaba - Brazil - Stimulates nervous system; Fortifies functions of male genital organs. - Traditional use - Tupi Indians have composed many songs praising the wonders of Catuaba.  Famous as a stimulant to the nervous system and a male libido enhancer.  Fortifies conditions of general weakness and nervous exhaustion by activating cerebral hemispheres.  Tonic for the male organs.
Chuchuhuasi - Peru - Adrenal support: Libido enhancer, Rheumatism, Fortifies immune system - Traditional use - As an alcoholic infusion, it is used to relieve symptoms associated with rheumatoid arthritis.  Chuchuhuasi is a popular Peruvian remedy.  Useful as a muscle relaxant, effective in breaking up and dispersing lactic acid.  People along the Amazon believe it enhances virility.  It is recognized as a general reconstituent.  Supportive to adrenal function.
Amazon Rainforest Combinations 
1 oz. Liquid extracts - low alcohol - Other sizes available
CALMANTE - Usage - Calming formula - Contains: Mulungu leaf/stem, Passion Flower flower, Lemon Balm leaf, distilled water, 25% ethanol.333
CLDFLPLEX - Usage - Cold/Flu formula - Contails: Sabugueiro stem/leaf, Peppermint leaf, Malva leaf, distilled water, 25% ethanol.

100% Vegetarian Capsules - most are kosher & organic certified 
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Herbs & Spices   -C-
C/S = cut and sifted     -   W.C. =  wild crafted 
Most herbs are Kosher check here
Cabbage  has been used to treat asthma, chronic catarrh, whooping cough, chronic rheumatism, chorea, hysteria, and dropsy.
Cactus  increases the musculo-motor energy of the heart, elevates arterial tension, increasing the height and force of the pulse wave.
Cactus Grandiflora  W.C. extract
Caigua extract by Energique,  (low alcohol) 
Cajeput Essential Oil link
Calamus root  extract  used for the relief from headaches and toothaches, helps ward off exhaustion and fatigue, and can help prevent a hangover, used to quell a cough, can help with fevers and dyspepsia.
California poppy  W. C.  extract  considered a valuable herbal medicine for treating physical and psychological problems in children. It is also used to help overcome bedwetting, difficulty in sleeping, colic, nervous tension and anxiety.
Camu Camu, extract by Energique,  (low alcohol)
Canchalagua extract by Energique,
Cape, Aloe
  • hemorrhoids stimulating fertility in women, mouthwash, wash for the eyes, rejuvenate wrinkled, sun-aged skin, stimulate cell regeneration, sores, insect bites, cuts and burns, psoriasis, eczema, relieve pain, mild anesthetic, relieves itching and swelling, help keep burns from scarring,
  • astringent, emollient, antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial
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          (some people prefer)    "0" or "00" size
Caraway Essential oil link
Cardamom Essential Oil  link
Caraway an old favorite for relieving gas and indigestion. Try it for other digestive problems as well, including constipation, heartburn, colic, and irritable bowel syndrome. Caraway has a spicy past: It was used in ancient times as an aphrodisiac in love potions.
Cardamom for treating digestive problems like indigestion, gas, loss of appetite and cramps. It is also used in digestive remedies for its pleasant taste as well as its soothing properties. Cardamom is still used to treat involuntary urination, phlegm, colds, cough, bronchitis, asthma, anorexia, debility, hoarse throat, and kidney diseases.
Carob Powder, Medium roast
Carqueja   Enhances digestion: Fortifies blood; Tonifies liver and gallbladder
Carrot Seed Essential Oil link
Cascara Sagrada especially useful as a mild laxative for elderly people or for those with fragile health. It increases peristalsis in the large intestine and helps restore its tone. It is also used as a colon cleanser and for eliminating parasitic infestation.
Cassia can aid the body in using insulin more efficiently. This spice also relieves nausea, diarrhea, and eliminates gas. It has warming effects on the body, enhances digestion, and increases the metabolism of fats.
Cassia essential oil link
Catnip commonly used as a mild tranquilizer that helps relieve stress, promotes restfulness, and stimulates the appetite, soothing to babies and children, used to induce sweating without bringing on a fever and promotes menstruation.
Catnip essential oil link  more information on Catnip
Catuaba - see Amazon Rainforest
Cat's Claw Superior immune stimulant with antioxidant, antiviral and anti-inflammatory qualities, and that's just the beginning!
also see under Una de Gato - Amazon Rainforest
Cayenne Essential oil     (Chili Seed)
Cayenne Cayenne relieves pain (taken both internally and applied topically). Is a strong pain-relieving agent that alleviates the joint pain of arthritis, rheumatism, muscle spasms, cramps and bowel pain.
Cayenne African Bird 
Cayenne - see Chili Peppers
Cedar berry  Wildcrafted  whole has antiviral and antifungal properties, stimulates the immune system, cleans the lymph system, can be used externally for warts.  Use for coughs, fevers, pulmonary catarrh, rheumatism, scurvy, tuberculosis, diabetes, toothache, and to promote menstruation.
Cedarwood Essential oil  link
Celery seed  in treating muscle spasms, high blood pressure, arthritis, gout, sleeplessness, depression and anxiety. There are many chemicals in Celery seed that block inflammation and relieve pain, and the calcium in Celery helps relax muscle cramps, calm tense nerves, and lower blood pressure.
Celery Seed Essential oil link
Cha De Bugre
Chamomile for skin disorders such as eczema, bedsores, post radiation therapy skin inflammation, and contact dermatitis. Mouth disease. Also for pain and inflammation in the intestines and stomach. A relaxant for the nervous system and digestion, and a perfect remedy for babies and children. Chamomile relaxes smooth muscle throughout the body. In the digestive tract chamomile relieves tension and spasm, colic, abdominal pain, wind, distension, diarrhea and constipation.
Chamomile,  Essential Oil  link
Chaparral  chelates heavy metals in the body and offers protection against the harmful effects of radiation, sun exposure, and the formation of tumors and cancer cells. It can be used topically for soothing the pain of rheumatism, and as a mouthwash it helps fight cavities. Chaparral can be used as a remedy for urinary infections. It also works well in treating acne and eczema
Charcoal, Willow  activated  powder  Charcoal works well on bee and ant stings and snake bites, and can help draw out the infection associated with the flu. Charcoal also works well in cases of the brown recluse spider bite if caught in enough time. A brown recluse spider bite causes a large portion of flesh to die and fall off, and it can even cause gangrene and other complications. Charcoal also works in treating poison ivy and poison oak, especially when combined with French Green Clay, and is used in treating diarrhea and vomiting caused by food poisoning or the flu.
*Chaste Tree Berry relief of paralysis, pains in the limbs, weakness, and breast pain, in addition to the menstrual regulation and treatment of hemorrhage. Clinical trials have shown that prolonged use of Chaste Tree Berries significantly reduces a range of PMS symptoms, from irritability and headaches to cramping and breast pain. Other trials have shown genuine effectiveness for women suffering from infertility and irregular periods. Chaste Tree Berry works well in reducing the symptoms such as hot flashes associated with peri-or postmenopause.
Chickweed  Wild crafted  This herb contains vitamins A and C, and some B vitamins, plus calcium, phosphorus, potassium and zinc. As a traditional folk remedy, Chickweed was used to treat asthma, indigestion, eczema and psoriasis.  Herbalists use it primarily to support the urinary system, while others use it for the nutrients it supplies that help the body’s metabolism-balancing functions. It also helps relieve the symptoms of nasal congestion, bronchitis, colds, and coughs. Chickweed is also used to aid in circulation. As a poultice, this herb works well on skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, warts, rashes, itches, scabs, redness in the eyes (including conjunctivitis), and ears.
Chicory  Traditionally, the root of the plant was used to treat jaundice and other liver ailments. The French and Europeans believe that Chicory, when added to coffee, counteracts the coffee’s acidic quality and its adverse effect on the stomach. This herb has tonic, laxative, and diuretic properties similar to dandelion.
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• Herbs

Chili Peppers - HU = Heat Units  Link to pictures
Chili Flakes,  1/4"  60,000 HU
Chili Flakes, 3-10m  60,000 HU  Cert org.
Jalapeno Flakes, Green  Cert org.
Habanero Flakes, 
           Ground/Powdered           (notice links on Cayenne)
Chili powder, Ancho 3m H.U.
Chili powder Pure 3m H.U.
Chili powder Pure 3m H.U. Cert org
Cayenne Pepper,  40,000  HU 
Cayenne Pepper,  40,000 HU, Cert org 
Cayenne Pepper,  90,000  HU 
Cayenne Birdseye Pepper,  180,000  HU 
Cayenne Pepper, 20,000 HU, Cert org,  500 mg
African Birdseye,   150,000  HU
Indian Chili Pepper, Red,   60,000  HU 
Chili powder, Chipolte
Chili powder, hot, Cert org.
Chili powder, medium, Cert org.
Chili Powder, medium, blend 
Chili Powder, medium, Salt free blend
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• Herbs

Chinese Peppermint 
Chinese Thoroughwax - see Bupleurum
Chinese Wax Gourd
Chinese Wormwood
  • Clears Summer-Heat
  • Treats Malaria and Resolves Heat
  • Clears Yin Xu Heat and Blood Xu Heat
  • Cools Blood and Stops Bleeding
  • Clears Liver and Gall Bladder Heat and Brightens Eyes
Chlorella  Cert. Org. powder high concentrations of chlorophyll and beta-carotene give Chlorella its anti-tumor activity. Ongoing research is being performed as to its effectiveness in preventing or inhibiting tumors. Chlorella also promotes wound healing and helps reduce the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). It can be used to treat pancreatitis, pyorrhea (bleeding gums and/or loose teeth), symptoms of PMS, constipation, ulcers, skin problems, allergies, diabetes, Epstein-Barr syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, and atherosclerosis. Chlorella can also help reduce cholesterol levels and high blood pressure, and prevent hangovers.
  • Releases Wind and Heat
  • Clears Heat in the Liver Channel
  • Stops Wind
Cilantro, organic extract by Energique, (low alcohol) Cilantro is used to improve digestion, flatulence, and diarrhea. It can also be used to relieve colic in babies, and prevent infection in wounds. Cilantro is an anti-inflammatory and can be used to soothe the pain of arthritis and rheumatism.
Cinnamon/Cassia can aid the body in using insulin more efficiently. This spice also relieves nausea, diarrhea, and eliminates gas. It has warming effects on the body, enhances digestion, and increases the metabolism of fats.
Cassia   essential oil link
Cinnamon Bark   Cert org. powder
Cinnamon Bark or Cinnamon Leaf  Essential Oil link 
Cinnamon Sticks 4"
Cistus Labdanum Essential Oil link
Citrin-Garcinia Camb 
Citronella Essential Oil   link
Clary Sage Essential Oil link
Clays   effective natural intestinal detoxifying agents available. It works in the body much like a sponge by attracting and absorbing toxins before being eliminated by the body. Many people reported that after using Bentonite for a two to four week period they experienced improved intestinal regularity, relief from chronic constipation, indigestion, diarrhea and ulcers.
Bentonite Clay Powder 
French Green Clay Powder 
French Red Clay Powder
Fullers Earth powder
Clavo Huasca
Cleavers useful in treating swollen lymph glands, or congested glands and congestion in the breasts. The cooling properties of Cleavers makes is useful in reducing fevers and resolving infections associated with skin eruptions such as measles and chickenpox. It also works in soothing tonsillitis, hepatitis, cystitis and arthritis. This herb stimulates liver function and improves digestion and absorption. Externally the fresh leaves can be applied to cuts and wounds, or to help stop bleeding and enhance healing.
Cleavers Herb
Clover - see Red Clover Red Clover is also used to treat acne, eczema, abscesses, psoriasis, insect bites, stings, and other skin diseases. In a compress it works well in treating arthritis pains and gout. Red Clover  is an herb particularly rich in biologically active compounds that are recognized for their role in the support of healthy estrogen levels.
Cloves - aid in digestion, having antimicrobial properties, fighting against cancer, protecting the liver, boosting the immune system, controlling diabetes, preserving bone quality, and containing anti-mutagenic properties, as well as fighting against oral diseases and headaches, while displaying aphrodisiac properties as well.
Clove Buds  Essential Oil  link
Club Moss treat many ailments that are characterized by the suppression of urine, such as renal colic, stones and calculi in the kidneys and bladder (by helping to increase urine flow and flush debris through the system). This action also helps to relieve gout, hardening of the testes and rheumatoid arthritis. Club Moss is said to be helpful in "women's complaints" and is thought to help treat irregular menstruation.
Cocoa Powder
Codonopsis  used as an astringent in excessive uterine bleeding, and for rheumatic and other joint pains, and described as an aphrodisiac, general tonic and styptic...Pharmacological research has confirmed that the herb promotes digestion and metabolism, helps to strengthen the immune system, stimulates the nervous system, dilates peripheral blood vessels, and inhibits adrenal cortex activity, thereby lowering blood pressure.
Coffee bean  Cert. Org. extract 
  • type 2 diabetes
  • Parkinson's
  • colon cancer
  • cirrhosis
  • gall stones
  • depression
Coleus, extract by Energique,  (low alcohol)  Coleus forskohlii does not stimulate the central nervous system, and therefore, does not cause “sudden-death" heart attack, stroke, nervousness, anxiety, insomnia, seizures, or other serious adverse side-effects associated with the use of ephedra. Coleus is also used to treat congestive heart failure, hypertension, and asthma, eczema, and psoriasis.
Stone Root  (Collinsonia) used for treating kidney and bladder stones. It is a potent diuretic that is said to relieve virtually all urinary tract disorders. Herbalists have long relied on it to reduce excessive water retention and alleviate diarrhea, colitis, digestive complaints and varicose veins.
Coltsfoot, leaf has a soothing expectorant and antispasmodic action which makes it useful in treating acute or chronic bronchitis, irritating coughs, whooping cough and asthma. It also soothes dry, irritable airways, and reduces non-productive coughs.
Comfrey Information Page
Comfrey It may also help with carpel tunnel syndrome. Historically when used internally, Comfrey tea acted as a blood purifier and was able to help heal stomach ulcers. It also worked on respiratory problems such as colds congestion, pleurisy, and bronchitis. Demulcent, mildly astringent and expectorant.
Condurango an herbal medicine used to help food digestion, increase stomach juices, and help stimulate the appetite. Has been regarded as a potential remedy for cancer and is useful in the early stages.
Coriander  contains substances that are antibacterial and antifungal, helping to prevent infections from developing in wounds. Topically applied, the essential oil in Coriander has been used to ease the pain of rheumatic joints, sore muscles, neuralgia, and sciatica, which appear to attest to its anti-inflammatory reputation.
Coriander essential oil link
Coriolus Coriolus has been found to be an interferon-inducing substance. In China, Coriolus is used for viral infections of the liver, including hepatitis B and chronic hepatitis, and it is used as a preventive and curative drug for liver cancer. However, it is so safe that it is also sold over the counter as an immune system strengthening tonic in herb stores.
Cornsilk is used to soothe the urinary tract and can give relief to the bladder, kidneys and small intestine. Cornsilk assists with prostate problems, bed wetting, carpel tunnel syndrome, edema, and obesity. It has also been used to lessen the effects of premenstrual syndrome, and it promotes relaxation. 
  • Moves Qi and Blood,
  • Relieves Pain,
  • Reduces Masses
Cramp Bark  The salicin content in Cramp Bark is an aspirin-like compound and effective as an analgesic and painkiller. As a sedative, Cramp Bark is believed to alleviate nervous constipation, hypertension, palpitations, hysteria, debility and other nervous complaints. Its efficacy in cases of hypertension is said to be caused by relaxing peripheral blood vessels, thus lowering  high blood pressure.
Cranberry  effective in helping to prevent or eliminate urinary tract infections. This berry is useful in fighting yeast infections. It is also used for kidney stones and chronic kidney inflammation, but there is no scientific evidence to support its effectiveness. There is some evidence to suggest that Cranberry extracts may help prevent heart disease by inhibiting oxidation of harmful LDL cholesterol, and cancer, due to its anti-carcinogenic activity in the proanthocyanidin fraction of the fruit.
Cranesbill  used in treating diarrhea, gastrointestinal bleeding, hemorrhoids, malaria, jaundice, tuberculosis, and digestive disorders. It is a mild enough treatment to be used in treating children with diarrhea, cholera, and dysentery.
Culver's root  is especially recommended for people with nervous tension who have emotional and mental stress from chronic congestion of the liver and bile ducts, weak digestion, and environmental toxicity.
Cumin, Black Essential oil link
Cuti-Cuti with Pasuchaca
Cypress Essential Oil link
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    Calamus, European - Not recommended for internal use.

    Cascara Sagrada - Read and follow directions carefully.  Do not use if you have or develop diarrhea, loose stools or adominal pain.  Consult your physician if you have frequent diarrhea.  If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using this product.

    Catnip - Not to be used during pregnancy.

    Cayenne - (capsules & extract only)  Avoid contact with eyes or open wounds.

    Chamomile, Roman - Not to be used during pregnancy.

    Chaste Tree Berries - Not to be used during pregnancy.

    Coltsfoot - Use with caution.  Avoid excessive or long term use.  Not to be used during pregnancy or while nursing.

    Comfrey - For external use only.  This herb should not be used on abraded skin and should not be used on unbroken skin for prolonged periods.  Not to be used during pregnancy.

    Coptis - Not to be used during pregnancy.

    Cornflowers - Not to be used during pregnancy.

    Cramp Bark - Not recommended for use by persons taking blood thinning agents.

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