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September 2015 

Side-effects of these natural remedies may include relaxation, improved quality of life, frequent smiling, laughing, increased vitality, and a pleasant aroma.

Don't leave out God and prayer - the 2 most important ingredients in any situation.
While you are praying or after praying don't forget to LISTEN for the answers! They will come. 
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Fun and Informative Pages on Essential Oils
Essential Oils are naturally antiviral, anti-fungal, and antibacterial,
they naturally energize, deodorize, clean and refresh
Essential Oils

to help Open the Chakras
in your body.
and  Essential Oils
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Make your own,
detox-body wrap using essential oils,
and clays.
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Clean your Home Chemical Free
Using Essential Oils
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To enjoy, I mean really enjoy and get the most from your life, You need to have good health and a strong belief in yourself.

Fall is a Time When Nature Draws Inward and People Feel Less Grounded

Fall is definitely a season of transition and adjustment. Fall can bring great relief from the hot, humid and soupy summer. The climate becomes drier, cooler, breezier and fresher. Being outdoors is more pleasant so people are out and about and more physically active. But, fall is also a time when the summer greenery fades, leaves dry up and fall from the trees and most herbaceous plants die back. Daylight hours diminish as well. In general, fall is a time when nature draws inward and people feel less grounded.

In the fall, people return to their routines: school, work and other duties. Whereas summer is whimsical and playful, fall is structured and productive. For some, fall is a time to get motivated, focus, concentrate and start new projects. For others, fall is unsettling and can make them melancholy, gloomy, anxious or even depressed.

Fall brings with it some physical issues as well. Many people suffer from allergies and the associated symptoms such as nasal congestion, headaches, sneezing and itchy eyes and throat. Colds and flus become more prevalent. Eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions can flair up with drier air, lower temperatures and less exposure to sunlight.

Essential Oils can help in this transition. For particular issues try these remedies.
Dry skin, eczema and psoriasis – benzoin, geraniumGerman chamomile, helichrysumpatchouli, rose, and sandalwood. The choice of carriers is important, especially with skin conditions. Rosehip and tamanu for eczema, Neem oil has very strong anti-viral properties. In addition neem oil has also been shown to offer relief from common skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.
For the skin condition eczema, or psoriasis, you might consider treating your kidneys, or your liver with herbs that feed and nourish your organs.
 Dr. Christopher's Kidney Formula

Liver/Gallbladder Formula
Nasal congestion and sinus inflammation cypress, peppermint, eucalyptushelichrysum, ravintsara, rosemary, and pine.
Anti-Oxidants – cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus radiata, lemon, manuka.
Relief from cold and flu symptoms –  peppermint, eucalyptuspine, fir, and spruce. Antispasmodic, Healthy Spice.
Focus and concentration – Basil, black pepper, peppermint, and rosemary.
Grounding – Cedarwood Atlas, cedarwood deadora patchouli, petitgrain,  Vetiver, Grounding
Antidepressants – Bergamot, clary sage, lemonmyrtle, orange, and ylang ylang.
Support during transitionscypress, cedarwood deadora, myrtle, tangerine  and yarrow

Make Your Own Cramp Salve
1 tablespoon beeswax
2 tablespoons safflower oil (or other fast absorbing liquid oil)
40 drops clary sage essential oil
30 drops peppermint essential oil
20 drops cassia essential oil
20 drops chili seed essential oil
6 drops lavender essential oil
6 drops juniper essential oil
4 drops German chamomile essential oil
10 drops palmarosa essential oil, it is a remedy for the emotional distress during that time of the month.

Measure the beeswax and liquid oil out into a glass measuring cup and melt in a double boiler.
Once everything has melted together, remove the cup from the heat, dry it off, and quickly count out the drops of essential oils into the melted oils, stir to combine, and pour the mixture into your container.

To use, apply the salve to any crampy bits and wait 5–10 minutes for the warming, soothing goodness to kick in.

Back to school time is such a great time of year. 
It’s filled with a freshness and a newness that fall is coming and opportunities are endless.

It can also means a host of new germs, schedules, and stress.
I want to share a handful of essential oils you might want to consider having on hand for the upcoming year.
To apply, I use a carrier oil that is a fatty oil like coconut oil or almond oil. I would use 1-2 drops of essential oil per teaspoon of fatty oil to dilute, more or less according to your needs.
Citrus Blend: This oil is to get everybody (including moms and dads) up, energized and ready for the day. It is rich in the powerful antioxidant d-limonene which supports the immune system and overall health. The scent is known to bring about a sense of well-being, creativity, and feelings of joy (all things we need in those rushed mornings to get our day started). It will also freshen the air in your home and kill airborne bacteria – bonus!
B- Power Come on, we all need a little help in this area, B-Power: is a wonderful blend of oils that is specifically designed to assist with mental clarity and eliminate brain fog. If your children need a little extra edge to concentrate and assimilate new ideas, B-Power might just do the trick. This oil helps get oxygen to the brain quickly. It supports the limbic system of the brain, increases mental capacity and removes negative programming from the cells.
One of the most amazing things about B-Power is that it can help repair brain damage from commercial drugs which inhibit serotonin metabolism. Serotonin is needed to regulate mood, appetite, sleep, muscle contraction, memory and learning.  B-Power can also dissolve petrochemicals and toxins that are in so many products we use daily and lead to the brain fog so many of us feel.

Helping your children with school work, lavender helps them to relax, while peppermint stimulates the memory. Mix it 50/50. its a good combination
For Sickness, Cold or Flu
Remember a teaspoon full of sugar knocks your immune system by 50%.
X Plague:  is one of the best immunity boosting oils! We use X Plague on the bottoms of the kids feet before heading out anywhere with lots of germs, especially at the beginning of the school year when kids are exposed to a host of new germs. I have also used this topically undiluted for my own case of strep throat. (Without question, dilute X Plague if using on your kids throats as the cinnamon bark oil would be irritating for a child.)
Lemon: This is a wonderful detoxifying oil. When our kids are stuffy or have gunk built up that needs to break up and get out of their system, we apply lemon and a carrier oil to their chest.
Respiratory Sinus Relief I often use this in conjunction with lemon and X Plague. It’s great for respiratory congestion, sore throats, sinus problems, coughs and bronchitis.
Tea Tree: This is my go-to for anything bacterial or fungus related. It’s one I love having on hand for everyone in the house. Uses include toenail fungus or athlete’s foot (think locker rooms), rashes, ringworm, earaches, flu, and tonsillitis.
Healthy Spice:  spices have powerful antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antimicrobial, antineoplastic, and anti-inflammatory properties. Spice's prevent illness and protect your immunity.
Immune: just as a real Immune booster, it helps to ward off bugs.
Tummy Aches

Stomach Ache Stick  is great for food poisoning, diarrhea (counter clockwise on stomach), constipation (clockwise on stomach), IBS, gas, cramping, heartburn, and stomach bugs/virus. Do not be stuck without this in your oils cabinet because we all know: kids puke at the worst times!
Peppermint: to help you avoid the indigestion. Peppermint is fantastic for soothing indigestion and heartburn. It’s also great for nausea and nasal congestion. Know this oil is cooling, so only use 1-3 drops and apply with a carrier oil in children. (Sidenote: I also use 2 drops peppermint in carrier oil, down the spine and the backs of knees if they are running a high, high fever. This has brought down a fever many times, for me, and the grand kids.)
Digestion: When you need a little more.

Restful Sleep

Tranquility: This is one of my all-time favorite oils! It smells like sleep to me at this point! It’s incredibly soothing and relaxing. This would be a great oil for kids as they head back to the classroom and need to get to bed earlier and have a restful night of sleep. Tranquility is also used frequently for panic attacks, teeth grinding, colicky babies and for those dealing with ADD and ADHD.

Lavender: Lavender is the #1 soothing smell for most people. People tend to have deeper, more restful sleep when lavender is used at night. Lavender oil is also considered the Swiss Army knife of oils, as it’s great for a variety of concerns including: bites, rashes, cuts, sun burns, eczema, dermatitis, seasonal allergies, hay fever, and burns. When in doubt, I use lavender!  

Roman Chamomile: Children and adults favor the smell of Roman Chamomile as it smells to many like sweet apples. It is helpful for sleep, depression, shock, and ADHD.

Vetiver is distilled from the roots of the plant. It’s rich and earthy smelling, and it’s my go-to oil when I need to help my brain “shut-off” for the night. It took me a while to get used to the smell, so if you are a vetiver newbie, you might try mixing it with a “lighter” oil, such as lavender or roman chamomile.

Cedarwood: This oil is known to increase focus, mental alertness, brain oxygenation, calmness and to be mood elevating. It is often used for children on the autism spectrum with challenges such as ADD or ADHD, but we can all benefit from its properties. Cedarwood is unique in that no other oil that exceeds it in oxygen-carrying capacity. More oxygen to your brain = more mental capacity.

We all know that sleep deprivation affects our brain function and performance. Cedarwood can help maintain a deep, restful, brain rejuvenating sleep. Just rub a drop on the back of the neck, at the brain stem, and up the spine to heighten focus. For help with sleep, diffuse in the bedroom overnight to keep the kiddos in a deep, restful sleep all night.

Here are few more oils that might help with your child’s specific needs:

Anxiety: Tranquility, Happy Memories, Strength.

Sleep: Tranquility, Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Cedarwood.

ADD/ADHD: Vetiver, Cedarwood, Lavender.

Sore Muscles: Sore Muscle & Headache Stick, Strength.

Stinky Shoes/Gym Bag: Cleansing.

Courage/Confidence: Strength, Tranquility.

Lice: Thyme, Geranium, Lavender.

Focus: Alert, B-Power, Lemon.

Bug Bites: 10ml Bug Stick, Cleansing.

Energy: Energy, Orange, Lemon, Peppermint.

Stress:  Antispasmodic, Lavender, Ylang Ylang.

Make your own Mood Changing Mix
A simple drop of Lavender warmed between the palms can invoke an instant sense of calm. But harnessing the true power of essential oils is both an art and a science. Blending these intense oils can take their individual properties to the next level, interacting together to perform therapeutic miracles. For example, a whiff of bergamot oil can calm anxiety, ylang ylang can combat hypertension, and citronella can help with perspiration.

A great blend is all about balancing notes -- typically a top, middle , and base, though some blends don't require a base -- to create a balanced and effective aroma.

The top note is the first scent impression, which gives way to the middle note--the star of the show. The base note gives the blend its staying power and usually comes to the forefront much later. Blending these three notes is all about creating a ratio that results in a harmonious cocktail that works (olfactorily or topically, depending on the blend) to address specific moods or ailments.

A good rule of thumb is to use approximately 30 percent top note, 50 percent middle, and 20 percent base. If the blend doesn't require a base note round it up to about 40 percent top and 60 percent middle.

Let's call this one: Joyful
The sweet scent of this blend makes you feel all warm and fuzzy -- euphoric, even.

1 drop each of top notes: bergamot, lemon, tangerine
1 drop each of middle notes: ylang ylang, geranium, jasmine, Roman chamomile, palmarosa.

Let's call this one: Serenity
If you need a moment of peace, try this citrus-floral blend.

3 drops of top note: orange
5 drops of middle note: ylang ylang
2 drops of base note: patchouli

And this one: Fresh Air
This blend will freshen and deodorize the air, so dilute it with distilled water in a spray bottle.

1 drop each of top notes: citronella, lemongrass, lavandin
3 drops each of middle notes: rosemary, tea tree

Apply this blend topically for its antioxidant benefits to the skin.

3 drops of top note: orange
2 drops each of middle notes: clove, thyme
2 drops of base note: frankincense

This blend works great for moderating emotions during a woman's monthly cycle.

3 drops of top note: lavender
1 drop each of middle notes: clary sage, fennel, marjoram, yarrow, jasmine

Clear the mind and gain a keen sense of alertness with this bright, sunny blend.

1 drop each of top notes: basil, peppermint, bergamot, lemon
1 drop each of middle notes: rosemary, geranium, ylang ylang, jasmine, Roman chamomile, palmarosa

High Energy
This super energizing blend will give you an aromatic pick-me-up.

4 drops of top note: lemongrass
1 drop each of middle notes: rosemary, juniper, nutmeg, fir needle, clove, black pepper

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