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January 2014   

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Monsanto Has Invaded 4-H
We're wearing green and clovers this week-not to avoid a pinch-but to celebrate National 4-H Week and Monsanto's partnership with the National 4-H Council.

Have fun! Hi Kids,

Welcome to the Biotechnology Basics Activity Book. This is an activity book for young people like you about biotechnology — a really neat topic. Why is it such a neat topic? Because biotech-nology is helping to improve the health of the Earth and the people who call it home. In this book, you will take a closer look at biotechnology. You will see that biotechnology is being used to figure out how to:

1) grow more food;
2) help the environment; and
3) grow more nutritious food that improves our health.

As you work through the puzzles in this book, you will learn more about biotechnology and all of the wonderful ways it can help people live better lives in a healthier world.

What is Biotechnology?

Biotechnology (by-o-tek-nawl-a-gee) is a big word, but it is easy to figure out what it means if you just look closer!
Bio is short for biology, which is the study of all living things.

Technology is another word for tools.

Biotechnology then, is a tool that uses biology to make new products. For example, agricultural biotechnology is a precise way to make seeds with special qualities. These seeds will allow farmers to grow plants that are more nutritious, more resistant to pests and more productive.

Biotechnology is a tool for looking closer at nature to find solutions that improve the health of the Earth and its people.

How does biotechnology work?

Biotechnology allows scientists to look closer at genes and make improvements in them. Your body is composed of millions of individual units called cells. Within each cell are genes that carry all of the information that allows your body to work and determines how you look. You get your genes from your parents. This is why you may look like your parents. All people, plants and animals inherit traits from their parents through their genes.

One of the first people to study how traits are passed from parents to their young was a monk in Austria named Gregor Mendel. Almost 200 years ago, he used plants to show how certain things such as flower size and color are passed on from the parent to the offspring.

Biotechnology allows for scientists to study how plants grow and how they react to the environment. As a result, scientists can now insert a specific gene into a plant that will help it adapt to its environment, make it more pest resistant, or even make it more nutritious.

How can biotechnology help us to grow food that can improve our health and is more nutritious?

Scientists are using biotechnology to grow foods that could help make people healthier. Here are a few examples:

Rice will one day have extra beta-carotene, which is a source of Vitamin A. They call it “Golden Rice.” It could help fight diseases and blindness. In the future, bananas could be grown with medicines inside them. This means people could grow their own banana trees to provide the essential medicines to protect against illness and disease.

Someday, potatoes could be grown that absorb less oil when they are made into potato chips or french fries. Healthier snacks does not mean that you should eat too much of them; but when you do eat them, they could be better for you.

I am horrified!
What is going to happen to our next generation?

A Time of Dormancy and Rest

Aromatherapy brings us the aromatic energy of living plants in the form of essential oils.
These fragrances are a natural antidote to the emotionally debilitating effects of winter.

In the world of plants, winter is a time of rest and dormancy. During this season the processes of life and regeneration are subtle and hidden away. Bulbs, roots and rhizomes nourish growth deep within their structures.

As non-hibernating, daytime creatures, we humans can grow restless and depressed during the darkness of winter, cut off from the light and life that we thrive on most of the year.
Feelings of sadness, lack of focus, fatigue, and moodiness around this time of year are all common symptoms of SAD.
Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).  Mild forms of SAD are believed to affect as many as 20% of people in the United States.

Experts aren’t sure what causes SAD, but they think it may be caused by a lack of sunlight. Lack of light may upset your sleep-wake cycle and other circadian rhythms, and it may cause problems with a brain chemical called serotonin that affects mood.
The Science of Emotions:

When we feel any emotion, our body releases chemicals specific to that emotion. Anger, joy, fear, love, etc each have their own chemical or chemical blend that is released. These are called neuro-peptides. When these chemicals are present in the body, they attach onto receptors on the outside of our cells. This is emotional memory.

When the same kind of emotions are felt for a long period of time, the body will create new cells with the ‘emotional information’ on it’s receptors to match the emotional memory that previous cells had. This is why emotions can be addictive.

For example, a person who has been feeling depressed for a long period of time will no longer experience joy in the same way because their new cell receptors are literally ‘programmed’ for depression, making the chains of emotional addiction very difficult to break.

How Essential Oils Help:
Essential oils literally clear off these receptors on the cells, making it possible to create newer, healthier emotional memories. This will allow the body to feel a full range of emotions, breaking the emotional addiction cycle. The best way to use essential oils for this purpose is aromatically, for at least 30 seconds to a few minutes of smelling the oil.
Citrus oils will help balance your emotions and mood. The affect of citrus oils on the body can be energizing, positive, calming, or relaxing depending on what your body needs. Tangerine, Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit, and Bergamot are all energizing and mood elevating oils that help uplift the spirits when the winter blues set in.
Juniper berry essential oil contains mainly pinene, myrcene, sabinene and limonene. These constituents are also found in other winter season oils including pine, cypress and fir needle. Juniper berry oil blends especially well with these oils. Juniper oil is refreshing, clarifying and uplifting to the spirit.

Patchouli essential oil has been used traditionally to provide mood support and may help to reduce anxiety caused by the winter blues. It has a very rich and herbaceous scent, and can easily be blended with other essential oils for a pleasant aroma. (Blends well with Bergamot, Cinnamon, Clary Sage, Frankincense, Geranium, Ginger, GrapefruitLavender, Lemongrass, Myrrh, Orange)

Sweet Orange: This oil is known for its calming properties. While that may seem counterintuitive for depression, it can help to relieve anxiety and bring more peace.

Bergamot: The uplifting citrus scent can help to release frustrations and aggravations as well as quell nervousness and frustration.

Neroli: The powerful fragrance of neroli can instantly calm the mind and heart. It’s particularly effective at healing depression related to nervous and emotional exhaustion.

Lavender: Calming and relaxing, lavender soothes and reduces anxiety and stress levels.

Rose Otto: The beautiful, fragrant rose opens the heart and brings joy and calmness. It’s incredibly balancing, too.

Frankincense: A meditative fragrance, frankincense can connect us with our higher selves, bringing perspective and self-acceptance to those challenging moments.

Clary Sage: Calming and balancing, clary sage is a great fragrance for women, especially if your cycle could be influencing your mood. It helps to balance and regulate the hormonal body while balancing and calming.

Remember to get your Essential Oil Sunshine today
B vitamins, especially vitamin B12, have been shown to help those suffering from feelings of anxiety or depression. Simply adding nutritional supplements can help lift the blues, especially during stressful periods of life. Many vitamins can be sourced from foods, but some, like vitamin B12, are difficult to source from food, so vitamin supplements are suggested.
Use Allspectrum lights.
Get as much natural light as possible between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. Get outside and go for a walk, or at least sit by a window. Open the curtains, pull up the shades, and spend time in the sunniest room in the house.
Alcohol is a depressant that can lower your mood, and caffeine usually leaves you anxious. They might make you feel better short-term but these can lead to mood swings that can deepen your depression.

Getting your heart rate up and breaking a sweat is a sure way to raise serotonin and endorphin levels – this is especially beneficial if you do it in the morning. Even better, exercise in the sun or near a sunny window.

You can also keep your body’s clock in sync by rising and retiring at the same time each day, even on weekends or days off from work.

Essential Oils That Soothe Congestion

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There are many essential oils that work to break up tough mucus as they are inhaled. Eucalyptus, peppermint and pine essential oils may help to reduce nasal congestion. All three of these essential oils have a strong refreshing scent that is as pleasing as it may be therapeutic.
Two other essential oils that may help to reduce nasal congestion caused by colds are niaouli and rosemary. Not only are these two essential oils thought to be decongestants but they may also have anti-infectious properties.
Tea tree essential oil is bactericidal, anti-infectious, expectorant and antiseptic, which means it relieves the congestion caused by colds and fights off infection.
Pine essential oil is good for relieving congestion and helping to clear the nasal passages. Pine oil is bactericidal, antiseptic and expectorant in its actions. Use pine oil to relieve sore throats and clear catarrh.
Lavender essential oil is antiseptic and antimicrobial in its actions, in addition to possessing a number of other properties which are capable of uplifting the spirits and restoring health. Lavender oil is gentle to use and recommended by many for relieving colds and congestion in everyone.
Sinus pressure is another respiratory issue that causes severe headaches and congestion. Two essential oils that may help to reduce the discomfort from sinus pressure are peppermint and rosemary. Both essential oils work to help clear congestion caused by sinusitis.
Lemon essential oil is thought to be a good expectorant for respiratory airways, and may help to break up chest congestion. Cedarwood and Niaouli, essential oil may be beneficial for dealing with minor bronchial problems. Niaouli essential oil has an anti-inflammatory property that may help to soothe inflamed mucous membranes that become irritated with the onset of a cold.
Thyme essential oil is antiseptic and bactericidal. Try using thyme essential oil in a blend with tea tree, lemon and eucalyptus essential oils in the bath; inhaling this blend of essential oils will help relieve some of the symptoms of colds and congestion.
Quick Reference:
  • Eucalyptus – Potent antiseptic, antiviral, and decongestant.
  • Tea Tree - An effective antimicrobial, expectorant and antiseptic.
  • Peppermint - Helps to open nasal passages. 
  • Thyme - Powerful antiseptic that helps boost immune function. Useful for colds, flu’s  and chills.
  • Basil - Helps open nasal passages. Antiseptic.
  • Rosemary - Antiseptic, helps open nasal passageways.  
  • Pine- Great for colds and sinusitis. Has decongestant and antimicrobial qualities.
  • Lavender – Antihistamine, antiseptic and antimicrobial.
  • Clove - No more than 2 drops.
  • MarjoramAntimicrobial. Helps with breathing.
  • Chamomile – Relieves congestion and helps calm cranky patients. Safe for babies of all ages.
  • Lemon – Stimulates immune function,
  • Sweet Orange – Helps with detoxification

Soothes Coughs

A cup of thyme tea has a lot more to offer than its pleasant taste; thymol, one of the volatile oils in thyme, is a potent antioxidant. According to The World's Healthiest Foods, thymol may help to increase omega-3 fatty acids, or healthy fats, in brain cells. In a clinical study conducted by K.A. Youdim and colleagues and published in the April 19, 1999 issue of "Biochemical and Biophysical Research," researchers found that thyme oil helped to protect against age-related changes in the brain cells of rats. Studies are ongoing to determine whether thyme can help prevent Alzheimer's disease. In addition to thymol, thyme tea contains the antioxidant flavonoids apigenin, naringenin, luteolin, and thymonin.

Hangover Help
"Alcoholism is Candida in the Liver" - quote from Hanna Kroeger
Candida Liver Care by Hanna Kroeger Herbal Formulas is what she recommends.
Taking a combination of N-acetyl cysteine (NAC), B vitamins, milk thistle, and vitamin C before you drink may help to stave off a hangover.
NAC is known to reduce acetaldehyde toxicity and increase glutathione, and, since acetaldehyde toxicity represents a massive contribution to the hangover effects, it appears to be an effective way to combat hangovers.

Vitamin B complex — a pill that includes B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), folic acid, B6 and B12, among others — to combat hangovers. The most heralded is B12, which performs a key role in the functioning of the brain and nervous system.
Milk thistle extract (active ingredient: silymarin) has also been shown to protect the liver from ethanol toxicity. The plant’s seeds have been used for centuries as an (apparently effective) folk treatment for jaundice (PDF), which is caused by liver dysfunction
Magnesium is an important anti-inflammatory mineral that many people are deficient in. Alcohol depletes magnesium. Hangovers seem to be connected to inflammation. Taking magnesium (which you should already be doing if your diet is lacking) on a heavy drinking day might be helpful, too.
Hangover remedies to try include bone broth for minerals, coconut water for electrolytes, eggs for natural cysteine, ginger for nausea, and coconut for potassium.

ADHD Diet and Lifestyle

At least a portion of those living with ADHD find some relief in diet and lifestyle changes. What do those changes look like?

Positive Routines

For one, it should be seen if a regular bedtime, 7 days a week, helps to alleviate symptoms. Regular and moderate exercise can also be helpful. There is no harm in trying these lifestyle changes, and you can go back to previous routines if they don’t make a difference.

Gut Health

Something else to try is diet changes. This includes finding out what foods the person may be sensitive to. Some people with ADHD react negatively to additives and preservatives in foods. Some have a sensitivity to wheat or gluten and or dairy products. A trial elimination of these foods could prove beneficial.

There is said to be a large connection between ADHD behaviors and gut and digestive health. Gut healing protocols can help with this. One of the most popular diets for healing disorders such as ADHD is the GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) diet.

At the very least, a probiotic supplement
or digestive enzymes   can be taken to help the body absorb more essential.

Caffeine for ADHD

The evidence may be a bit anectodal, but many people with ADHD have reported that instead of making them hyper and stimulated, caffeine induces a “calming effect” on them.

The claim has merit. A 2005 study found that rats with similar symptoms to that of ADHD did better on tests when they were given caffeine beforehand.

This theory also makes since because children and adults are often given prescription stimulant medications to treat their ADHD. These medications work similarly to caffeine but on an extended release. A side note that if a person was given Ritalin, they will never be accepted into the Military.

My conclusion: It may not last as long, but caffeine can be used as needed when times of focus are more necessary. And without the nasty side effects of extended release stimulant medications.

Calming Remedies for ADHD

Many natural remedies and herbs have a calming effect on those with ADHD and can be used as needed. Some companies have even developed products specifically to help with inattentiveness and hyperactivity symptoms.

Natural Remedies for ADHD symptoms:
Chamomile Calm for children

Essential Oils Commonly Used for ADHD

You may wish to create your own blend of essential oils with coconut oil as a base. The individual can sniff the oil or apply it as needed for symptoms. I really like to carry oils with me so that they are available to us anywhere.

Supplements for ADHD

Being deficient in certain vitamins and minerals can make ADHD symptoms worse. Because of this, many people with the disorder find relief from treating these deficiencies through supplementation.

The two most common deficiencies found in people with ADHD are vitamin D and magnesium deficiency. Omega 3 deficiency is also common.

Vitamin D
 omega 3
A magnesium supplement

Do You Hang up Damp Clothes and Towels inside Your Home?
Fresh from the washer, your laundry may look clean, but it pollutes the air, found a study at the Mackintosh Environmental Architecture Research Unit at the Glasgow School of Art. Damp clothes can increase humidity, creating an allergenic environment in which dust mites and mold spores grow (depending on where you live) at concentrations 300 percent higher than safe limits. About 25 percent of the homes where laundry was air-dried tested positive for Aspergillus fumigatus, a fungus that causes lung infections in people with weakened immune systems. (And just because you don't see greenish fuzz on the wall doesn't mean you're safe—spores are often invisible to the naked eye.)
 Diffusing Lemon or X-Plague would help.
Do You Carry a Bright Yellow Handbag?
A bright faux-leather accessory?
Handbags, wallets and belts made of bright "pleather" (usually vinyl or PVC) frequently contain lead levels that are much higher than those allowed in children's products, reported a study by the Center for Environmental Health (CEH). The highest in content was found in yellow purses, followed by green, orange and red. Lead, which may transfer in trace amounts from handbag to hand—and into the mouth—causes developmental problems in children and is linked with heart disease and cancer in adults. While the CEH reached an agreement with dozens of retailers back in 2010 to limit lead in merchandise, the agency continues to find high levels in about 15 percent of purses and accessories sold in major stores.

The lesson: To be safe, avoid fake-leather purses and wallets, and opt for canvas, hemp, nylon or leather instead.

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