January 2007


 Don't leave out God and prayer - the 2 most important ingredients in any situation.
While you are praying or after praying don't forget to LISTEN for the answers! They will come. 
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Subjects covered in this Newsletter

1. Natural Sleep aid in the light of the Ambien disaster that has been on the news.
2. Tested and Proven Natural no side effects help against the Asian Bird Flu (H5N1)
3. What worked during the plagues of the middle ages. (3 categories)
4. Phishing for your personal information - Scam thieves are hard at work to gather all your personal information.  What to watch out for and how to protect yourself.
5.  We have just added a healthy fruit sweetened chocolate to our product line by Wax Orchards.  
6.  We have just updated our Remedies A-Z  to better serve you, especially the links.  Of course we are constantly adding new information as it comes to us.   
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Our Natural, no side effects answer to the Ambien  tragedy that has been in the news is our essential oil combination Nite Cap.  We have made it even better by adding Valerian.  Talk about good sleep!  You can even change your mind about going to sleep or need to be awaken for something and not be drowsy and especially not be driving or wandering around the house while sleeping. 
Here are some of our other herbal products you might consider
Christopher''s  Slumber

Good information about the Asian Bird Flu (H5N1)  - You have options besides Tamiflu and other untested and untried pharmaceuticals. 

New information keeps coming and the Asian Bird Flu (H5N1) is real and dangerous according to the World Health Organization.  They say it is definitely coming and that it will be a “pandemic”  I watched the dead birds being gathered in Italy and Germany a few weeks ago and knew that birds migrate and they will be coming back this spring. I am sure that a lot of them migrate to So. America, however, not all do.
Last night they said another 9 year old girl had died in China of the “bird” flu.  It has killed more than ½ of all humans infected so it has crossed the barrier from birds to humans.  I don’t think that it is being transferred from people to people yet.
If we keep our immune systems strong and healthy, the chances of getting Bird Flu, or anything else that might destroy us is kept at a minimum. If we should become ill, our illness might be shorter and our recovery time less if we used some of these things. I know this from personal experience.

 I am certainly opposed to vaccinations and  Tamiflu after reading all the side effects and knowing that it is only a guess and nothing has actually been tested. Look at the percentages of people that still get the flu in spite of their yearly flu shots.  Essential oils are the very best way to fight bacteria and viral conditions, however Sambucol has actually been tested against the bird flu with excellent results. (see more below) Neither of these destroys our good intestinal flora, they can be used again and again with confidence. They are inexpensive compared to drugs and have no side effects. They have a long shelf life. They can be used safely by everyone, almost any age. For essential oils a diffusor can be used by everyone, even small children and the elderly, or you can apply them to the bottom of the feet.  The cells on the bottom of the feet are some of the largest cells in the body, plus, you can taste in your mouth anything applied to the feet almost immediately so you know it is taken through out the body almost instantly.

We know that antibiotics are not effective on virus’ plus there is the problem of antibiotic resistance. See: "Silent Epidemic, Defying Treatment, A New, Virulent Bug Sparks Health Fears" on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, Friday, January 20, 2006.

Sambucol has been tested in the UK and it is looking very good. It has already effectively neutralized the H5Nl bird flu virus, however, we now need to see if it will still work on the mutations that occur when the virus jumps from birds to people. (There are already people effected) Based on all other tests that have been done on Sambucol  it is looking like a front runner in the fight.  Dr. Madeleine Mumcuoglu, a virologist has been testing a standardized extract of black elderberry called SambucolSambucol showed a 50% reduction in both the severity and duration of symptoms using the extract for 3 to 5 days. (1) (We always start treatment as soon as we know we have been exposed to anything.  The fewer the microbes the body has to fight the faster and more thorough the healing process.)  
Sambucol has been nicknamed 'Nature's Flu Fighter". It is produced by a Jerusalem company - Razei Bar. It is sold by Nature's Way in the US. It has been clinically proven to eliminate flu symptoms within one to two days. It contains AntiVirin, a potent antiviral compound as well as a high amount of 3 flavonoids which are naturally occurring plant antioxidants.

According to Mumcuoglu, the black elderberry has been known since the 5th century BC and was mentioned in the writings of Hippocrates, Dioscurides and Plinius. It can be found in every pharmacopoeia.
Mumcuoglu was able to test her products on actual patients during a epidemic in southern Israel in the winter of 1992-93. After assessing its effectiveness against the flu during her research in collaboration with the Department of Virology, Hebrew University School of Medicine she decided to commercialize the elderberry supplement she named Sambucol and founded Razei bar in 1992.

Mumcuoglo refuses to divulge the exact makeup of Sambucol and makes it different from other black elderberry extracts, however, she did stress that Sambucol stands alone among elderberry extracts. She said that she was the first to introduce the black elderberry formula in the U.S., and now there are about 70 copycats. Razei bar still has approx. 80% of the market because of their special recipe. Mumcuoglo says that is is very easy to destroy the active element so that is why most of the other products aren't effective.

Doctors and pharmaceuticals are at more of a loss than the alternative health community is because with all their flu shots and medicines that they know have grave side effects. They don't have a good solution. Only time will tell. (If you want to wait that long until after the epidemic which will come.)

The American Botanical Council suggest some herbals that manufacturers may want to think about turning into immune boosting supplements. they believe that certain herbs can help healthy adults protect themselves against flu, diminish flu symptoms, and /or shorten flu intensity and duration, especially when taken at the first sign of flu symptoms. Mark Blumenthal, ABC founder and executive director, says that there are a handful of herbs with proven safety that can help improve the body's immune functions. He would consider Echinacea, Elderberry and the Chinese herb Andrographis.

1. HerbalGram of the American Botanical Council by Donald J. Brown, N.D. in which he reviewed - Zakay-Rones Z, Thom E, Wollan T, et al. Randomized study of the efficacy and safety of oral elderberry extract in the treatment of influenze A and B virus infections. J International Med Res. 2004;32:132-140.
American Botanical Council
2. Zakay-Rones Z, Varsano N, Zlotnik M, et al. Inhibition of several strains of influenze virus in vitro and reduction of symptoms by an elderberry extract (Sambucus nigra L.) during an outbreak of influenza B Panama. J Altern Complement Med. 1995;1(4):361-369.
3. Abuja PM, Murkovic M, Pfannhauser W. Antioxidant and prooxidant activities of elderberry (Sambucus nigra) extract in low density lipoprotein oxidation. J Agric Food Chem. 1998;46:4091-4096.
4. Cao G, Prior RL. Anthocyanins are detected in human plasma after oral administration of an elderberry extract. Clin Chem. 1999;45(4):574-576.
5. Barak V, Halperin T, Kalickman I. The effect of Sambucol, a black elderberry-based, natural product, on the production of human cytokines: I. Inflammatory cytokines. Eur Cytokine Netw. 2001;12(2):290

Some other Supplements to consider are
Garlic  - click on link and then put "garlic" in the search engine -  we also carry it in an essential oil
Olive Leaf  -  click on link and then put "olive" in the search engine
Oregano or Thyme   have it in herbal and essential oil forms  - put  in the search engine
Kroeger - In FluOlive leaf
Dr. Christopher - Super Garlic Immune  (Anti-Plague)
Many essential oils including  X-Plague

There are many stories about people that didn't catch the "plague" in the middle ages.  3 types that I know of.
1.  Royalty that had Silver utensils and serving plates.  (my daughter noticed a great difference when she bought real silverware.)
2.  Graverobbers who kept garlic around their necks and  smelled strongly of garlic.
3.  Morticians who used spices in preparing the dead bodies.  - Garlic, Cinnamon, Cassia, Cloves, Oregano  etc. fall into this category. The easiest way to use them is to put a carrier oil on first and then add the essential oil to the bottom of the feet.  You can also diffuse them.

Phishing  (fishing)  for your personal information - Scam thieves are hard at work to gather all your personal information. What to watch out for and how to protect yourself.

E-mail that appears to come from a reputable company such as your financial institution, e-bay, government institution, etc.  By clicking on the links you may be redirected to a phony Web site that looks exactly like the real thing.  Sometimes it may be the company's  actual  web site, in which case a pop-up window will quickly appear for the purpose of harvesting your financial information.  You may be asked to update your account information or to provide information for verification purposes.   If you provide the requested information, you may find yourself the victim of identity theft.   
Steps to protecting yourself.
1.  Never provide your personal information in response to an unsolicited request.
2.  If you believe the contact may be legitimate, contact the financial institution yourself.
3.  Never provide your password over the phone or in response to an unsolicited internet request.
4.  Review account statements regularly to ensure all charges are correct.  If your account statement is late in arriving, call your financial institution to find out why.  If your financial institution offers electronic account access, periodically review activity online to catch suspicious activity.



Essential Oils
Link to how we know the quality of our oils.

Don't forget prayer and listen to your body as you take anything.  Remember that even doctors are only practicing.

God Bless each of you in your quest for health.


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